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For existing Practitioners, we run a series of Advanced Workshops and Distance Learning CPDs.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Workshops & CPDs

We are currently updating some of our workshops and distance learning CPDs. If you are interested in any subject in particular or want to know more about some of those listed below, please do get in touch as we’d be more than happy to talk through what we have to offer.

Working with Children & Teens

Date TBA

Newbury, Berkshire

£275 (Discounted Price £250 if booked in advance)

Extend your range and become adept at working with children by learning the specialised techniques presented in this two-day CPD workshop.

Many of us as therapists tend to shy away from treating children for the simple reason that we don’t feel comfortable or we just don’t know what approach to take, as children do not readily respond to the standard adult inductions or regimens. This training offers the specialised techniques required for this work.

This weekend Masterclass will allow you to adapt your existing skill-base and extend it to cover the treatment of children. It will draw on the work of many experts in the field including Milton Erickson; Jean Piaget; Michael Yapko and Donald O’Grady as well as the accumulated expertise of Mike Garrett, who will be leading the Masterclass.

The first day will concentrate on the difficulties involved in working with children and the general adaptations needed to do successful therapy. It will include: Child Logic and Psychology; Communication; Rapport Building; Hypnotic Responsiveness; Special Factors in Treating the Under-Sixes; Specialised Inductions and Deepening; and Parental Issues.

The second day will focus in more detail on specific child problems including: Thumb-sucking; Bed-wetting; Insomnia; School Phobia; Bullying; Dental Phobia; Eating Disorders; Learning Disorders and Child Sexual Abuse.

Working with children can be very rewarding for the therapist as well as enhancing the portfolio offered. This Masterclass will help you to achieve this by becoming comfortable and confident when working with children.

Sexual Dysfunction

Date TBA

Newbury, Berkshire

£275 (Discounted Price £250 if booked in advance)

Sexual activity operates on physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioural and social levels. This two-day CPD workshop will teach the therapist how to identify which components are dysfunctional and how to select and apply appropriate treatment strategies.

The course will include:

 Gender Identity

The Sexual Sequence

Physical Problems

Cognitive and Emotional Issues


Cultural Beliefs and Myths

Improving Communication and Sexual Skills

Associated/Dissociated Status

Defusing Traumas

Removing Inhibitions

Dealing With Parental Injunctions

Sensate Focusing

Ethical Consideration

Few hypnotherapists are sufficiently equipped with the tools, knowledge and skills to support those seeking help with sexual issues. Sex is one of the most pleasurable experiences life has to offer and yet for some, there may be psychological barriers, reducing or eliminating enjoyment.

This intensive two-day workshop will give you the confidence to successfully work with clients in this rewarding area, enabling you to expand the range of therapy you offer.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Date TBA

Newbury, Berkshire

£160 (Discounted Price £145 if booked in advance)

This one-day CPD workshop will teach you all you need to know to confidently work with clients with OCD, offering a treatment plan consisting of Hypnotherapy combined with CBT.  

OCD is usually only completely curable in a few individuals; however, most people achieve meaningful and long-term symptom relief with comprehensive treatment. OCD usually involves having both obsessions and compulsions, though a person may sometimes exhibit only one or the other. In order to help prospective clients, therapists should have a thorough understanding of what OCD is, the symptoms and features, how it originates or what might cause it and an understanding of other psychiatric disorders that frequently occur alongside OCD.

This Masterclass will cover all this in addition to working with children with OCD and of course the treatment that we can offer, combining Hypnotherapy with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Persona Therapy

Date TBA

Newbury, Berkshire

£160 (Discounted Price £145 if booked in advance)

Add a new technique to your tool-kit as a therapist with this one-day CPD workshop, which offers a fresh take on the well-known Parts Therapy.

As a hypnotherapist you may already use some form of parts therapy to help clients resolve inner conflicts, or indeed, you may need to refresh or expand your knowledge. This workshop will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to Mike Garrett’s innovative version of Parts Therapy, based on several decades of practical experience of Persona Therapy. 

This approach differs from many others, in that the emphasis is put on allowing the client to develop their own parts list, utilising a method of separating, analysing and interpreting the significance of the parts and understanding how to use them to identify their strengths and weaknesses within the Persona Matrix.  

In addition to the above, components of a Persona, the types of Personae problems a client might present with, together with various therapy techniques to resolve the issues, are all covered within the day’s course. 

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